Personalised Weight Loss / Detox Plan Package

Personalised Weight Loss / Detoxification Program

Weight loss is more than just counting calories

When it comes to weight loss there is no one size fits all, I will tailor a diet based on your specific health needs.

There is a wide range of health issues that can have an impact on weight loss, these include:

·       SIBO

·       Hormonal Imbalances

·       Thyroid Dysfunction

·       Stress (High Cortisol)

·       Insulin Resistance

·       Metabolic Syndrome

·       Chronic Inflammation

Optional testing is also available to further personalise and enhance treatment.

Supplementation and herbal medicines are also used to further enhance weight loss results.

4 Week Detox Program - $299

Package includes:

  • 3 Consults – available online and or in clinic (2.5 hours in total)

  • Unlimited online support via email

  • Diet plan tailored to meet you own individual needs

Client Education is essential for a successful and maintainable weight loss program. I will work with you over the 4 weeks to educate you on your nutrient requitements and help change your relationship with food so the weight stays off for good.

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